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Promoting Wild Plants
The Oakfield Conservation Club, Inc
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The Oakfield Conservation Club Inc. was established for the purpose of promoting conservation of wild plants, animal life, and natural resources.





Membership Update. There are two types of membership:
1. $35 for people that just want to be a member and don't want to use the land
2. $50 for people for land use and car permit. Remember every year, on September 1st to December 31st memberships will go up to $75. In January the membership will return to the regular price of $50. Note: Trespassers will be subject to criminal trespassing charges.

ATTENTION HUNTERS: Anyone hunting the property make sure you get your car tag. If you need one send a self address stamp letter to Terry Sobotta at W7870 E. Clark Rd., Oakfield WI, 53065.  All portable deer stands must have owner’s name and address on.

No dogs or walking of dogs on club shed property during ANY dear season.

Attention members - Don't forget your car tags, or be ready to show your ID.

View the OCCI photo album from the Annual Oakfield Conservation Club Corn Roasts, Annual Carp Shoot, Work Days, Haunted Shed and more... Thank you to everyone for your support!

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